Microwave Oven Transformer arcs too small- about half a millimeter

I have two microwave oven transformers (MOTs) that I am currently working on, and I have taken one of them apart to make sure of the wiring of the coils. I am fairly confident in the wiring of the whole system. I have the original primary and secondary coils, both made of copper. The transformer is one of the larger ones I have seen, and its wattage at about 1000W. I know it is not popping the breaker because the hum is always on. I have read through many of the instructables out there about MOT's, so I understand it pretty thoroughly, but the arcs on the instructables I've seen are several inches long, and my arcs are about half a millimeter. I really wouldn't call it an arc at all.  I have the common wall output of 110 VAC, 60 Hz going into the primary coil, and the ground is attached to the MOT block itself. One of the secondary output wires is connected to a capacitor bank of 3 MOC's in series, and I have the other output on the end of a PVC pipe which I touch to the opposite end of the capacitor bank. What am I doing wrong? 

iceng5 years ago
Here is how one can make a microwave MOT develop an arc.
The magnetron is the only thing not used.

sounds more like your negative is not in the equation.

i found when i was meddling with these that i would only get very tiny arcs to the ground, opposed to at most 2cm arcs to the negative.

What may i ask do you intend to do with this MOT?

if you just want big arcs, your looking in the wrong place, tesla coils and flybacks are much better places to look.
lemonie5 years ago
It's not really clear what you're driving this with, but I think your input power supply is not-right. What exactly are you using?

iceng5 years ago
Sounds like The capacitors are not resonating with the MOT.

Try a different capacitance value.

A schematic would help in analyzing the prob.