Microwave oven metal foundry?

Can you melt steel scraps in a heat resistant pot hot enough to mold or pour with a rewired MOT? What if you put multiple MOTs in series/parallel? how could you make into three phase (i want to know weather this works or not)?

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You can melt iron in an ordinary microwave.
Jimmy Proton (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I want it to look like the real thing.
You want it to look like a real microwave oven?
Jimmy Proton (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
I want it to look like a real foundry.
better find something more powerful else it wil start melting the outer surface slowly resulting in small explosions. and something like red hot metal shavings coming out. very dangerous. if you use a very powerful microwave oven it won't be the case but take precautions
Jimmy Proton (author)  ARJOON6 years ago
I'm not using a microwave. If you read the question I said with a rewired MOT.
oh. just put 4 of em in parallel. make sure that they have the same primary.(after modification secondary will be used as primary). so that they share equall power. and also ballast them. with another MOTs
Jimmy Proton (author)  ARJOON6 years ago
I was just worried about the voltage but Im still wondering how to make it three phase.
You need a three phase supply.
Jimmy Proton (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
If you haven't got one coming into your house, you can't make one.
That's funny, the title of the question is "Microwave oven Foundry"
lemonie6 years ago

You want to build an arc-furnace, it's possible but hazardous.

And there's the method where you have a heavily watercooled pot and melt metal into the bottom of it with an arc. The "welding rod" is made of some crappy metal, you pour flux down onto the arc, and the flux takes off all the crap, the resulting metal that falls through the flux is extremely high quality.