Minecraft Modding?

I have been looking at minecraft mods recently and I wanted to find a tutorial on how to make (not install) a minecraft mod. Naturally, I went to Google, but all the tutorials I found were how to install mods, not make them.  So I ask you, community, to please present me with at least a decent tutorial on how to modify minecraft. (and not how to make a texture pack either)

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Ke-Bob6 years ago
Here's a youtube channel with several videos on how to code your own mods:

kenny706 years ago

Follow the instructions on this website this is the best thing that I could find have fun.
IzzyM5 years ago
Hi there,

Go to this youtube channel; it's great help :]

famjad6 years ago
Here is nice and easy step by step tutorial on how to install mods on Mincecraft
Here is nice and easy step by step tutorial on how to read a post before replying to it