Missing Guitar Inlays?

I inhereted an old acoustic guitar from my uncle that missing a inlay dot, it's like it just fell out one day. :( Any suggestions on filling in the hole or somthing?

seandogue6 years ago
Well, you can buy abalone (or plastic that looks like abalone) dots for replacement, or you can have it done at an instrument repair shop. ~Basically~ just glue a new dot in.

If you're any good with tools, you can do it yourself, (you might have to tailor the piece to the hole a little) but....since you're asking, idk. maybe best if you go the repair shop route. Shouldn't cost more than $30 or $40 at a guess.

May I ask what brand and model?
Accordion players refer to that plastic as MOTS -- by analogy with "mother-of-pearl", this stands for "mother-of-toilet-seat". (Which was the other major application for that particular plastic, 'way back when.)
baconrocks (author)  seandogue6 years ago
It's a Texarkana guitar if I remember correctly.... iv'e heard they really suck.... I have no idea what model but it's black. (That really helps doesn't it?)
Well, honestly, I'm not familiar with texarkana guitars, so I won't lead you astray with "aw, go ahead and plug it with wood filler"

For all I know, it could be worth a mint, or worth a dime. idk.

I'd suggest that you take it to a local music shop and ask if they can fix and if so, then how much. At that point you can make a better judgement about what you want to put into it. I've replaced abalone inlays before, but the prep of the shell was just a little tricky, sincve I made my own.

Here's a link to a company that sells inlaying supplies for luthiers (guitar makers) They may have pre-made dots just the right size for the hole. Wish I had known way back when I did things like that.