Model Railroad Twin-T OCCUPANCY DETECTOR? I need the instructions and parts list for the TWIN-T OCCUPANCY DETECTOR?

Every link I find does not provide the information and the magazine articles(issues) cannot be located.

I can find pre-built BOD's but want to build my own.


lemonie7 years ago
I looked at this trying to find out what you're talking about:
Which led me to 34 New Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders
How about that?


brownart (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Thanks for the link to the book.
I could not browse its content but I can order it  very inexpensively.
I hope it has what I am looking for.

lemonie brownart7 years ago
I found it through looking for the twin T, and got the book reference from this page:
I hope it does the job for you.