Model airplane engines in the uk?

I want to attach a propeller to a micro scooter, so I need an engine. I, however, know absolutely nothing about choosing engines  Can anyone reccomend a suitable engine? it must be under £50, easily available in the UK, capable of pushing a micro scooter with me on it at a reasonable speed (faster than normal scooting speed), small enough to fit on the scooter and easy to control (preferable just with a wire which can be pulled for more juice). Could you also reccomend a suitable propeller?

Incidentally, does anyone know if this thing will be road legal?

lemonie7 years ago

What you want is one of these fans that straps on your back.
Under 50 quid won't move you

rickharris7 years ago
1. It most certainly isn't road legal

2. It won't work Props are immensely inefficient

3. WHY? if you MUST then connect the motor direct to the scooter - or at least viw suitable gearing.

+1 Beat me to it on all three points