Moderate electronic project idea help.

I am out of ideas to build and i need new ones. Please give me ideas to build and make. I enjoy building with electronics and wood. Whoever comments I give a HUGE thank you to. Please give me ideas. Thanks!! project_builder

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Aerospaced5 years ago
You made mention of wood and electronics. Great combo! Here's my idea:
An iron clad wood strong box that locks from the inside via solenoids.
To open it you must use three 10 turn pots and dial in the right value on each and then press a button to actuate the latch.
I envision three small DC motors mounted in the lid with the drive shafts protruding to the top. Each has a disk that is attached at the end. The disks are inlayed so as to be flush with the lid and have a patterns on them such as runes or the like.
Each disk could be 1/4" thick and each would house a small magnet somewhere on its outer edge. These would interact with small concealed magnetic switches in the lid. Once all the disks are in place, bringing the magnets in proximity to each switch, they then complete the circuit and allow the button to actuate the solenoids.
You will need a pinhole at the end where the are solenoids to insert a pin in case the battery dies. I can elaborate further if you want.
project_builder (author)  Aerospaced5 years ago
Really good idea!!!!!! Im going to try it.
bwrussell5 years ago
Is this for something to make from Instructables or to create a new instructable?

If you want a little of both, on instructables plus new instructable possibilities, you could come up with a nice looking all wood version of the Word Clock
project_builder (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
I'm looking for anything involving those two. Thanks for mentioning the project.
CameronSS5 years ago
project_builder (author) 5 years ago
I've been searching and not having alot of luck...... thats why I asked
Isn't that what the Instructables site is all about? Any time i'm looking for ideas i start browsing through the instructables. While seeing what other people have done an idea usually comes to me. Either i come up with a totally new project, find a way to improve on someone elses project, or see a way to combine several projects into one.