Moldable, non-permanent, yet hard substance?

I'm trying to create an emerson wave for my knife, so I need some kind of thing that can be molded onto the blade, will become hard, and hopefully removable. Anything exists? 

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Epoxy putty.
Batryn (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
It'll be permanent though right?
If you're not using it structurally, yes. If, as Burf says, you want to use it to haul on the knife, I'd say no. I wouldn't do what Burf says though, because the blade will be undrillable and would need to be heat treated twice - destroying the metallurgy in all probability.

If I have a problem like this, I'd get small holes put in the edge for the handle by EDM, and then make a handle that screws THROUGH the holes.


Have you ever used that spark-eroder?

Sore point.

Its down for rebuilding - one of my dad's last designs before he died last month. Its now one of those things I feel I have to finish myself now, in his memory

Burf6 years ago
If you're thinking of trying what I think you are wanting to do, it simply won't work. You will not be able to find an epoxy that will bond strongly enough to act to grip the 1/8" or so back edge to lever the blade open. It is possible there may be some esoteric proprietary epoxy out there in the aeronautics industry that could do it but the likelihood of the ordinary consumer obtaining some is slim at best.
The only ways I can think of that might work is either welding on a piece of metal to the back of the blade or to fasten it with several small diameter screws and drill and tap the blade.
Batryn (author)  Burf6 years ago
Burf, I have a spyderco endura, which comes with a 14mm hole. I was thinking of molding around the hole, with a little hook out in front.
seandogue6 years ago
There are a variety of plastic compounds that melt at relatively low temperatures, often used for engineering models. I can't recall the name of the class of plastic, but I'm sure someone will correct my fuzzy mind. Well, I'm almost sure.