Monitor Screen darkens after spark sound is heard behind?

Ive been happily using my computer for...3year or so. But Ive heard a high pitched(say near 5000hz) spark sounding noise(like when you rub your had in front of a tv as soon as you turn it on) from the back of the monitor and that same instance the screen slightly darkened. It a Sony CRT Monitor i don't know what is going on but its like the third time it happens Edit:Its happening more intense now whats going on?

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maybe the anode cap is a bit loose and is arcing a bit, producing the noise and impeding the current
ReCreate (author)  The 4th Doctor8 years ago
Hmm...Maybe that could be it...
it could be that the flyback transformer is going to die
ReCreate (author)  devicemodder8 years ago
that would not be good...but why would it die? i wonder if i could replace the flyback...nah well anyways all of the sudden it stopped and it hasn't happend since
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
c'mon almost a month and still only a few views and no answer to my problem?