Monitor wont work!

Hi my PC monitor won`t work well it does but then doesn't basically when i turn on my PC it makes all the right noises and shows everything but then just before the log in window the monitor just doesn't show anything.
I have windows vista

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lemonie6 years ago

and shows everything but then just before the log in window the monitor just doesn't show anything

It is at this point that Windows switches display modes: the display mode (desktop-settings) is probably not supported by the monitor.
Start it in safe-mode and set the display to something basic like 800x600, then restart normally.

(This is what Vyger said on the 5th)

martex (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I tried setting it to 800x600 but when i pressed apply nothing happened.
lemonie martex6 years ago
You have to then restart it in normal-mode, what happened then?

lemonie6 years ago

I have windows vista (sorry about that, see if you can find a support-group?)

OK, let's never mind that for the moment. What is this monitor, and how is it connected to your machine? (exactly, down to what type of cable plugs into exactly what socket on specifically what)

martex (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Hi the monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 710N and the cable is VGA.
orksecurity6 years ago
First step: Plug another monitor into that machine, or another machine into that monitor, to determine whether the problem is the PC or the display. (I'm assuming this isn't a laptop.)
Vyger6 years ago
Try starting in safe mode. If its the video drivers you will be able to tell and fix them. You enter safe mode by pressing the f8 key just after the BIOS screen and before the windows start screen. It will give you a menu with a number of choices. Scroll up to the "start windows in safe mode" and enter. Safe mode does not load the advanced video drivers and so if that is the problem you will be able to log on with no problems. Once in safe mode you can change the setting or roll back or update the video drivers.
Sounds like you have upset the screen resolution settings in Vista, and the monitor, not being able to cope, shuts down.

Try reverting to VGA mode, and then resetting an acceptable resolution for your monitor.