Most powerful knex gun?

Hey everyone I'm trying to decide on which gun to build out of knex. I Would like to see a powerful gun using a firing pin mag fed or single shot. Please no crossbows, or heavy cannons. Thanx

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NAR Fully  Modded 300ft. Nuf' said.
KnexFreak360 (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
thanks and is that the modded version? If not do you have a link
There are no specific instructions for the modded version, but the mods are made for the TR8 both the guns are the sam exept for the front, so the mods are compatible with the Nar and TR8.
KnexFreak360 (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
ok thanks
T3453R6 years ago
depends on what you mean with powerfull ^^
300 feet is like what 100 meters ?
i would like to see it do that :D
but i do know a gun that is acurate at like 20 meters ( think thats about 60 feet)
in 45 degree angle maybe a 50 to 60 meters ??
pretty powerfull shoots straight trough CD case at about 10 meters (with CD in it , tried it myself ^^ )
maybe with some help from people it could be modified to go further.
if you like i will post instructions here.