Motherboard help??

I was switching computer cases and i couldn't find where the power switch connection goes. The only available socket says BREAK SW. Could this be where the power switch goes? Also... There isn't anywhere to plug in the USB sockets from the case... Help?

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grundisimo (author) 5 years ago
I actually found where it was today..... I was looking through the open pins and(believe it or not), Half way(ok, it's an exaggeration) up the motherboard from the other header pins was a set of pins that had font size one type( i kid you not) that said spwr. I can't find how to connect USB ports from the front of the case though..... I don't think it has compatibility for USB off of the case...
...if it says GA-A55-DS3P on the board then it has usb compatibilty....just download the manual that i linked in my previous answer.....
grundisimo (author)  Fypsigon5 years ago
Where would i find whether or not it says GA-A55-DS3P? For being technologically inclined this is super frustrating...
I´m very, very sorry....I thought you were the one who posted "GA-A55-DS3P", but it was "lemonie".....

Your mainboard is an "AOpen AX6BC", you´re right.....you´re also right about "spwr", that´s where the power switch goes....and no extra USB connectors inside, sorry.....
grundisimo (author)  Fypsigon5 years ago
Nah, It's fine.. I think i may just solder the normal usb connector on to them and plug them into the back of the computer..
thegeeke5 years ago
Look up the user manual, it should say in there. Lead wires are probably the toughest part of building a computer, and every motherboard is diffrent. So good luck! :)
Fypsigon5 years ago
This is the manual for your GA-A55-DS3P: http://download.gigabyte.us/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-a55-ds3p_e.pdf

....look on page 26 to find out where to connect the on-switch, page 7 for the usb...

barneyfett5 years ago

I'd imagine that the info that you seek is in the manual. Follow the link above...
grundisimo (author) 5 years ago
It says AOpen AX6BC.. Make and model perhaps?????
grundisimo (author) 5 years ago
I will try to find the Model of the board.... I dunno if I'll be able to though...
lemonie5 years ago

There's alpha-numeric print on the board, like "GA-A55-DS3P" - what is it?

Fypsigon5 years ago
can you tell us the exact model of that mainboard, please? would be much easier to help you....