Motion sensor that will play a sound?

I need to create something for a class project. Basically I need something that will "scream" (play a pre-recorded sound) whenever someone gets close to it. I have almost no experience with making things like these. I imagine I will need a motion sensor of some kind and a set of speakers? What else would I need? What are some next steps? My friend told me something called an arduino might help me.

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I have seen a product can do it,like picture .use OTP voice chip or voice module and add a motion sensor ,but it used for pop display ,voice prompt ,what kind of project do you do?
I think you should buy a pcs voice module or voice chip and motion sensor first.
iceng5 years ago
Try a simple Thermin trust me it can scream and make UFO sounds.

fullthrottle800 (author)  iceng5 years ago
Thank you so much! Can you program the Thermin to record your own scream? Is the scream more of a typical canned scream, like one you would hear in horror movies or in halloween music?
A Thermin is a sound generator for two hands.

One hand controls Volume and the other hand controls a Frequency.

Using both hands you can create amazing sounds with a little practice.

To make a musical tune takes a lot more practice.
iceng iceng5 years ago
I hope it is clear your hands never touch the Thermin which
is operated by sensing where your hands are in relation to
the device.
iceng iceng5 years ago
And one more Thermin...   .   A
mh76dk5 years ago
an arduino would require a lot of initial time learning if all you want to do is having a sensor activate a sound. You should look for "off-the-shelf" solutions (Even as non-techie as a doll that will replay a recording when it sees you - if such a toy exists :-) A little more technical solutions could be a sensor-module and a replay-module, that with perhaps only a few minor parts can be directly connected to eachother without all that arduino programming nonsense ;-)

More of a suggestion on an alternative solution than an actual answer I suppose.

(If you goal however is to do more with arduinos in the future, and you have the time, then that route makes more sense - but for a one-off project it is not really worth it imho)