Motorized rollerskates, how do i calculate which dc motor to use? Some better than others?

I'm going to try and fulfill one of my childhood dreams; making a pair of electrically powered rollerskates.
However i'll need your help if i am to succeed!

I have decent knowledge of soldering and the electronic circuit wont really be a problem - i'll wire everything to an arduino duemilanove

So here's my questions:

1. I'll need a motor, is there a specific motor type that is best suited for the purpose?

max loadage: 80kg
speed range: 0-20km/h (~12mph)

Something like this, but in rollerskate format:

If anyone could point me in the right direction in regards to motor type and motor calculation i'd be really really grateful.

I know that voltage is equal to velocity and amperage is equal to torque - and that torque is used as force to drive the wheels under pressure/friction.

I've done quite a lot of research already, but i always hit a dead end, nothing here on instructables seem to cover the topic regarding dc engines - and no, i'm not insane enough to power a pair of rollerskates with an angle grinder - i want to have fun, not carve up the pavement and break bones (or spontaniously combust)
ps:or this

I'll do an instructable on this if i get it working, all i need is help with the motor, i'll do the speed regulating myself and all that jazz.

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airecrist7 years ago
if only they made hub motors that small...then it'd not only work well but look nicer
lemonie8 years ago
Someone did do this with electric-drills didn't they?
Do you know what I'm thinking I remember?

Eirinn (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I'm afraid i'm quite puzzled as to knowing if i know the thing you're remembering.

Although i did do an alternative search based on your answer and found this:

An electric scooter motor seems a bit overkill for rollerskates though, maybe something smaller? Or maybe you remember the thing you think i know that you remember? :D
lemonie Eirinn8 years ago
Couldn't find it. If I remember where it is I'll let you know. L
Eirinn (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Actually the motor isn't that might just work, plus if i use two they'll have to work half as hard - i'll see if i can draw up some viable diagrams.