Mounting a blade sign to a tent pole—best methods?

Hi there!

I'm doing deco for a large event where there will be a line of vendors in pole tents—the kind you typically see at festivals and fairs, with a white top and stuff.

I want to see if it's doable to have blade signs hanging for each vendor, mounted to one of the frame poles of the tent. The signs' construction is variable depending on the mounting methodology, I'm thinking the more lightweight the better. One method I was thinking about would be using zip ties to snugly attach a 90 degree bracket to the tent frame pole and hang the sign from the perpendicular arm, but I don't know if zip ties would be sturdy enough. These don't have to withstand a hurricane but do need to be sturdy enough to withstand the occasional nudge or shake by workers/drunk people.

I should also emphasize that the tents will be rented, so no permanent alterations can be done (i.e. no soldering brackets to tent frames...)

Thoughts/suggestions/possible drawbacks?


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kjsrocks2 years ago

Mount some hard-drive magnets to the back of the sign and the just get the sign near the post.

iceng kjsrocks2 years ago

If post is iron Fe based ;-)

iceng2 years ago

Magnets are easy. Place a NIB magnet on the inside of an Al channel and one on the sign http://www.amazingmagnets.com/c-23-cup-magnets.asp...

Here I used two more powerful magnets as a door knob on a glass pane.


Cup.jpgBack Glass View.jpgKnobOnGlassDoor.jpg

Zip ties will be perfect. If weight becomes an issue then replace the zip ties with U bolts. But then you can get some pretty hefty zip ties and can hold quite a bit of weight.