Mouse trap car?

I am building a mousetrap car that is giving me problems in propulsion.  I have attached an arm to the trap, I have moved the trap closer to the wheel.  I have added a second mousetrap, and it still doesn't work.  Any guesses on why the car isn't working?

yokozuna6 years ago
I would guess it's one of two things... either you are not creating enough force to turn the wheels (your car is too heavy), or your force isn't being applied to the wheels (do you have some sort of catch on it?). A picture or at least a better description will be needed to give you a better answer. Most mousetrap cars use little more than the mousetrap as the body as the amount of force that can be applied is already set- from the description it sounds like maybe yours is quite a bit bigger. I would suggest a more simple design, I love the big wheels like this one.
Goalie1 (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
Thank You!!! You just helped me solve my problem!!