Mouse wheel battery charger?

Is it possible to make a (trickle?) charger for a 12V battery that runs off a mouse wheel (or several)? The battery is intended to be used to power a 70-100W TV through an inverter... Where can small (mouse/rat-powered) generators be found (or how to make them)? Could small electric motors be used? Is this even possible?

Matt4285 years ago
it is just like a water wheel, exept the energy is coming from a mouse instead of running water
Don't use a mouse.  To the doubters: have you ever seen a gerbil with cabin fever on a wheel.  They will keep you awake all night.  The biggest problem will probably be their incessant gnawing behavior on any exposed parts.
mhkabir8 years ago
In simple terms no.
Are you serious ? How much power can you practically extract from a mouse ?