Movie theater cardboard cutouts?

I go to the movies A LOT and some of the cardboard cutouts they have to promote movies are really cool. Could I get them somehow or what happens to them when they take them down? I would like some of them.

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frollard8 years ago
I worked at 3 movie theatres, some of my favourite job time:

Anyhoo, generally they're a first-dibs kind of thing.  The movie studio usually says they have to be on-site-destroyed; to keep the ones the studio has rare and expensive (like diamonds).  Also, generally, nobody listened to that and it was first-come first served.  If people asked for it, they would get it when it was time for the movie to head back to the publisher.

When more than one person asked for it, we either did a lottery, or "whoever bribed the manager about 20 bucks" would get it.
Seconded. I am also a former movie theatre employee, and this is exactly what we used to do as well.
Except for the Top Gun display, which I used as a target for a ballpoint pen cannon that I made out of a CO2 fire extinguisher. Got Tom Cruise right between the eyes....
More people should get tom cruise between the eyes :D
Just one good one is all it would take....
Just so hard to aim - hes so short it makes you hesitate for a moment while you wonder if its a child - then its too late, the bodyguards already have you.
shinyegg (author)  frollard8 years ago
hahahaha wow u guys... :)
gurame2 years ago

watch fifty shades of grey

wetpaint7 years ago
just did a quick google search...found, seems pretty awesome.

theres a star wars section!
lemonie8 years ago
People will be selling these, e.g. Ebay. If you want to spend money, go looking.

I got my (ebay) start selling movie crap I got for free from the theatre! 
Burf8 years ago
My son had a summer job at a video rental place a few years ago and brought home quite a few of them. So check with some of the dvd rental places too, you might get some hits.
They make wonderful targets for target shooting.
Re-design Burf8 years ago
I'll bet they make great shooting targets.
Re-design8 years ago
If you ask really nicely and act respectful to the manager he might let you have some when they are through with them.  It wouldn't hurt if they knew you were a very regular patron of the theater.  They may have to give them back.  Sometimes things like that are not supposed to get out into the public's hands.

If the first manager doesn't give you any try another theater.

P.s. If you've ever been thrown out of the theater for causing trouble - you can forget all about getting anything from the manager.