Multi-Room Audio System?

I have an idea for a multi-room audio system but am very much stuck with the know how.

I have recently found Airfoil which allows you to transmit an audio stream over LAN to other devices, what I would like to do is have audio playing in other rooms through Airfoil Speakers but to do it cheaply, I know that I could just use other PCs and laptops to do it but it is not something I have right now, I do have two very old laptops (circa windows 3.1 & 95) but they lack in .... functionallity. I was thinking of some stripped down computer which could be hooked up to existing amps. What exactly would I need?

What are your thoughts, or alternatives?

frollard6 years ago
We had a system installed in 4 rooms of my old condo -- and it amounted to 4 sets of speakers hooked up to 4 amplifiers (all in-wall) and the amplifiers were in the volume knobs, working in conjunction with the powered speakers.

Basically, it was about $100 for each control knob, speakers were flat wall mount dealies, and audio input was just 2 banana jacks in a closet. When you entered a room you could adjust the volume of just that room.

All the cabling was done with audio-grade (read: regular) untwisted speaker wire thru the walls. Quality was fantastic.
I love this idea and would love to do it on a smaller scale between my computer in my room and my kitchen. Can you provide me a breakdown of the cheapest way to do this with volume control in the kitchen?

I can source things out but I'm still a little confused as the connection between the PC or any audio source to the kitchen. Can you give me the chain of what parts are needed?
Check your hardware store - lots of companies make the volume knobs that you hook power and sound source (line out from computer) to them...
thegeeke6 years ago
Just use 1 amp, then run speaker wire through the walls. Lan is not built for audio, and will not be good quality. I used to install home theaters for a living, and trust me, there is no substitute for doing it right.