Music Transfer box????????

At school they showed us a video of a device that supposedly you could place on a cardboard box and music would play through the box. How can I make this? I was thinking on using a piezo element. Any ideas????P.S. you would plug it in to a headphone jack.

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Yes, a transducer that is physically, but more importantly, acoustically coupled to a larger surface that can vibrate somewhat. It can be piezo or moving coil, sometimes it can be electrostatic, but not usually. The most important thing is that the driver can make the coupled surface move similarly to itself.

At headphone levels, you won't get much volume, if any at all. In order to make it work effectively, you need power to move the larger surfaces, so you'd need some sort of additional amplification.

I had a fortunate "accidental" experiment this past summer. Working on the porch, I wanted to listen to the CD changer. Didn't feel like opening the big bay window, so I put 2 old 4" speakers I built years ago between the storm window and the main window. Now these speakers have no bass because they were built to fit a very small area. When they were force fit between the glass, the front speaker openings coupled with the storm glass and made them sound about 20 times bigger than they were. Bass was amazing and the highs were clear.

So, good coupling with solid backing can produce amazing results.

Neat tale, do you remember if you wired them in || or series ? ?
Individual left and right channels. "B" speakers (A/B button). 20 W stereo. BBIIIIGGGG window. Stereo localization was not that great, but frequency range was awesome.

Thanks, bet you avoid clean well modulated song high aires.
iceng6 years ago
I saw and heard a large flex piezo taped to a balloon with impressive sound.
This was before the internet.

Piezo elements need higher voltage and power then a headphone.
Consider a standard speaker the size of a shoebox, would you run it off a
headphone jack or a 50 Watt speaker amplifier ?

frollard6 years ago
Called a transducer, almost always piezo. It relies on a heavy object having enough inertia to cause the surface to resonate instead of the speaker.

Search for resonant speaker -- you can get them online and probably won't be able to make one for cheaper.