Music from Deezer ?

I need help.I am looking for a good software to record some music from Deezer if possible on my tablet.
Any  help please ? 

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I just tried your recommended easy guide here:

And find it does works for me to directly download music playlist from Deezer and Spotify.

Even no record, just directly copy and paste the music url.

MikeK63 years ago

i pay deezer subscription. Going to cuba and mp3 much easier

MikeK63 years ago

how can i transfer my deezer music to mp3 on my andriod device

elevenshawn3 years ago

I know a Firefox extension can download Deezer music, not sure if it can work on the tablet well. I think it would be a safe way if you want to get Deezer songs by recording. The post discussed three programs, hope you can find a suitable one.

Since I haven't tested them on tablet, it's hard to give a recommendation.

rickharris3 years ago

recording music streamed from the web is of course illegal.

If you have windows Audacity is the software of choice, If another OS then you will have to look around.

I think the easiest while not the "free" way but legal way to do it is to just buy a premium account.

They are on ebay for just as low as 5.4 EUR/Month

What kind of tablet is it? If it's Android or Apple you'll need to find an App.

Recording music from that service would be considered pirating the music. As such you'll have a hard time finding an app to do it for you.