My Cobra 18 WX ST ii will recieve but won't transmit! Can someone help me!?

My cb won't transmit (send) but will recieve. People tell me that the final burned up. I don't know what a final is. Please Help me or refer me to an instructable or website.

You've burned out the output amplifier. Repairing its likely to need complicated test gear. See if you can find a local radio amateur who could help.
tvsamuel (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
can you refer me to somewhere in sioux falls, SD?
Not from 7000 miles away I can't......

Ask around.

....or try "ARRL, Sioux Falls, SD" in Google !
lemonie5 years ago
If people tell you that the final burned up and you don't know what a final is, you should ask them; "What is a final, and how do I fix it somewhere in Sioux Falls?"