My Ipod touch headphone jack stopped working suddenly. It's out of warranty and I really don't want to send it in, help!

I tried using different headphones and none of them worked

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theFakeGeek5 years ago
This webpage lists five different fixes for a non-working headphone jack in an iPod Touch. Go through the list starting from #1.
is there a way we can hack an old ipod usb cord so we can solder headphones in so it can work like that?
kittysavour6 years ago
Some of the other things didn't work for me but i tried shaking it to unstick the ipod headphone button and it worked-- just thought i'd share(oh and pray seriously, ipods really can suck- it taikes miracles sometimes to deal with dem)
Hello Kitty7 years ago
Of course, the obvious solution here is to buy a four dollar speaker splitter from wal-mart.  But this only works if one of the earbuds (left or right) works consistently.  If this is not true of yours, keep reading.

This is a fairly common problem, especially with the Ipod touch.  First try wiggling a q-tip in the Ipod jack.  If this doesn't work, wiggle the headphone jack (the one on the headphones) around in the Ipod jack.  If this doesn't work, you will need to open up the Ipod.  There are two things you can do. You can replace the jack (hack via youtube here) or you can try and fix it yourself.  This would be fairly hard to do unless you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing.  It would also depend on what the actual problem is.  You might have stripped it, gotten it wet, jarred something loose, etc.  Or, you can sell it on ebay to someone who knows how to fix it and buy yourself a new one.  Hope this helps! (btw - what do you mean by send it in?)
eliseourby7 years ago
oh my i had the same problem about 2 minutes ago ive had that problem for about 3 or more months
just blow on it in the headphone jack
it worked for me!!!!
 Same thing happened to my brother. What you gotta do is take a can of compressed air and spray it into the headphone jack and it should work fine.
lalala1238 years ago
blah i have the same problem but i didnt drop it. did u find out what to do?
pshinoright8 years ago
if u really want it fixed tho is pretty reliable and super easy and yer ipod doesnt have to be in warranty and yer problem im sure would not cost very much at all to repair. BTW enter the coupon code "10Repair" to get 10% off any repair
acaz938 years ago
Something happened before it stopped working ? like a drop or a rain exposure
r3nrut (author)  acaz938 years ago
It had a very small (2-3) foot drop right before but i don't think that would have done anything.
acaz93 r3nrut8 years ago
This may sound weird , and even mess it up more , but if you drop it again it will work again .... (I Learned that with an ipod shuffle...)