My PDA phone charges through USB 5.0 Volt. Is there a circuit, which will charge my PDA Phone by SOLAR cells?

Thank you in advance.

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sreeci (author) 8 years ago
Thank you Steve. I have seen this link before I published my enquiry. But since the OP was only 3.7 V; I was not sure this Solar charger could charge my PDA phone (HTC). Since you assured me that it will charge, I shall assemble the components and give it a try. Cheers. Sree...
Where do you get 3.7V output from ? The device is a boost converter, and turns 3.7V input up to 5V. Read the FAQ on the Minty Boost

"Very likely! A list of devices is on the front page and is updated all the time. If you find a new device that it does/doesn't work with, please post on the forum or email me (thanks!) Nearly all USB-charging devices and any device that charges with 5V power (up to 250mA+ 400mA+ with v2.0 of the kit) can be used.

sreeci (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
Thank you , once again, Steve. I wasn't aware if the Minty Boost was really Voltage charge pump. My misunderstanding. I stand corrected. Kumar. PS: that's my daughter's Pic you see on the left, isn't she so cute !
Your're welcome. In my avatar, you can see my son's legs in the back of the truck !
Try that little box in the top right - the one that says search ?

Ignore the "Ipod" specifics. If its got a USB port, this project will charge it.