My Whirlpool Dryer just failed, Does not heat up, won't dry clothes, Where do I start??? and what could be wrong???

Wife told me thismorn dryer not drying clothes, checked what I know and dryer was not getting hot.

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Re-design8 years ago
Probably the element is burnt out. But it could be the heat control or the wiring to the heat element. I'd look at the element first. You can usually see if there is a problem but if you can't then disconnect the element and check for continuity. If' it's not broken then the problem is elsewhere. Elements are usually easy to replace. Good luck.
Also check to see that the drier vent is not blocked. Some driers have a thermal switch to shut off the heat if the vent gets blocked. That would be the very best case scenario.
firstlady8 years ago
my whirlpool dryer has a little fuse at the back, but very difficult to get to even after all the screws removed from the machine to allow access. the fuse is shorter than the average size for the power, so may only be got from manufacturer? i could not find another before needing the drier working,:(.so had to replace it. simplest, cheapest,easyest, geenest(although i dont realy care about 5the enviornment much there are much more important option is buying a 6$ clothesline instead of a 600$ washing machine,youl probly save thousands over the years.........................
Re-design8 years ago
And as I was thinking over my answer I realized that I was assuming that you had an electric dryer. If you have a gas dryer then the part about the heating element doesn't mean anything. If you have a gas dryer check to see that you paid your gas bill and that the actually credited it to your account. If the gas supply is still available then the problem is elsewhere. If the pilot light or electrical igniter is bad then the dryer won't heat up. If the gas valve in the dryer is bad, disconnected etc. then the dryer won't heat up. If the problem is in the gas system then I would call a serviceman and let him take the liability if there is a gas leak later. Still Good luck.