My Wifi internet says it's connected to my windows 7 laptop but I can't surf the internet ?


let me start off by saying thank you for taken the time out to read what I need help with and possibly helping me. Okay so I have a windows 7 HP probook6455b, well basically  my wireless  laptop is connected to my home wifi and it says it's connected but when I launch on the internet explore it's says 'this page cannot be displayed' and then a small windows pop up and says 'search module service has stop working' ,  also I have been having this computer for months and nothing has happened before, my brothers laptop works perfect but it's only mines that's having isses .can someone please help me, thank you so much . 

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petercd4 years ago

Sounds browser related cos I dont see that service in admin tools,something else to try before playing with browsers is the windows diagnostic tool:

Control Panel\Troubleshooting\Network and Internet\ and click on network adapter, if that responds well then try any other firefox/ chrome browser, if the new browser still gives problems then its pc wireless settings related.

If the new browser works then try updating IE to get a fresh trouble free version.

Alc209 (author)  petercd4 years ago

I did exactly what you said and it said to select the network adapter to diagnose if your not sure select the last option which is all network adapters and I did and it said trouble shooting couldn't identify the problem :/

petercd Alc2094 years ago

Seems like a OS problem cos that error msg appears when the OS doesnt know whats going on but it sees the internet as connected, how did the pinging google from cmd prompt work, do you have access at the basic level?

Try the following test to see if you have internet access:

Open a command prompt and type in (minus the quotes): "ping -n 4"

This will attempt to ping google's servers and will report back whether it hears a reply or not. If you do not get any received packets, then you do not have a connection to the internet. If you have a connection, then the problem lies with the computer or web browser. The popup you are getting makes me think that there is an issue with some extension or add-on you are using, so try disabling all of those. You can also try installing a different web browser like Firefox or Chrome and see if that fixes the problem.

If you do not have an internet connection then the problem is with your wifi card/drivers or router. Try plugging your computer into the router with an Ethernet cord. If that works, then the issue is isolated to the wifi card or the wifi settings on the computer. It is possible that there might be a problem with the router, but if other computers are working with wifi it is a unlikely.

Alc209 (author)  SpaceShipOne4 years ago

I'm sorry I'm not really big on computers but I did what you said and it gave me small information example 'reply reply reply and then something bout packets sent so what do I do now, also how do I disable all of them ? Thank you so much