My binder ring is stuck!!! is there a way to open it? It has my school work in it and I need to open my binder!!!!!!!!!?

I really need to know!!! Becuase my school binder rings are stuck and I cant get them open :(

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Kiteman2 years ago

Brute force, then a new binder.

I have had to help "solve" this kind of problem many, many times over the years, but it turns out that ring-binder mechanisms are just to fragile to cope with life in a school bag for very long.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

"if it don't work, force it. if it breaks, it needed to be replaced, anyway."

Yonatan242 years ago

A picture would help, But you can cut it with wire cutters, Or saw the ring with a hacksaw

awesomediy (author) 2 years ago
bwrussell2 years ago

Do you just need to get them open or do you need them to close again afterwards. Because it's very easy to just get them open as long as you don't mind destroying them.

rickharris2 years ago

A little more information, even a picture might help.

generally with these things force may be you only option.