My building wants NYSERD certification. We need to replace sockets for JCD halogens for one for LEDs or CFLs-possible?

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SeanValjean4 years ago
Yeah I think that most of those solutions will really work out. I just wish that something similar could be done for iicrc certification. haha
lemonie7 years ago
Your question isn't very coherent.
Should I understand that you wish to replace 12V halogen-heat-lamps with LEDs, but you don't know how to do this within NYSERD(whatever that is)?
LED halogen-replacements should do you.

New York State Energy research and development.
So now you know.

Not content with TLAs, we now have DUAL TLAs.....

Now I know what those letters stand for, but like you I don't know what the requirements are.

What efficiency standard has been laid down ? Halogens are a lot more efficient (24lm/W)than incandescents, LEDs 2..4 times better than that, but not as bright. CFL is probably still the way to go though