My canon SD 450 camera broke!

When i turn it on the screen flashes E18. i looked up E18 and say's that this is caused but to much dust in the mechanical parts. Ive tried using compressed air to blow out dust from it but that didn't work. HELP!

lemonie8 years ago
Have you taken it apart, and what sort of compressed-air? I'd have a guess that something isn't moving or there's too much load on a motor / servo and that's what the camera is reporting as "stuck/sticky". If it's under warranty use that. If it might be covered by contents insurance have a look into that? L
Emsaid (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i took the cover off and used Air that comes in a bottle to blow out dust in a computer. There's no warranty because i bought it on ebay, about a year ago. But thanks!
lemonie Emsaid8 years ago
Mmm - might not be dust as such could just be something stuck, fiddling with it may be your only option unless it's worth having it looked at by a professional? The "air" in a bottle isn't air - be careful how it's used as it can cause chilling. L
Emsaid (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Ok, yesterday i took the main circuit bored out now i just have to take it apart a little further. Thanks!