My car was keyed, how can i fix it?

About a month and a half ago my car was keyed along with two other cars on my block. I'm sick! Is there anyway to fix it my self with out breaking my pockets. I have a pic of the car up its a 85 Cadillac Eldorado before it was keyed. And some parts are deep you can see to the metal and some parts not so much. Im a lil worried cause i just notice that the parts where they got deep is starting to show signs of rust. HELP me fix him! Thanks so much.

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Re-design8 years ago
Re-design8 years ago
Well if you can find out who did it take a hammer to his/her head. But for the car. If there is still paint in the scratch you can use polishing compound from the car parts store and manually polish it out. I've done this several times on pretty deep scratches. Some of them still show but are reduced greatly. BUT, where it is down to the bear metal and starting to rust you have to get all of the rust off then use primer to cover the metal if you car about your car. Once the rust starts it will eat away like cancer and in the near future you will have a hole in your car. If you just paint over the rust it will still keep eating your car. The paint will "bubble up" and you can just peal it off. Underneath will be a huge wound of rust. Your car needs to spend a day or so at the local paint and body shop. You can do the job at home but if you haven't done it before you won't like the result. Good luck.
This is a horrible thing to happen. Mine too is thoroughly keyed. If its a metallic paint, and If its as severe as you say, there really is nothing that will make it anything like right but to strip and respray each panel. I am "lucky" because my scratches aren't rusty. In the UK, I'm looking at 1500 USD equivalent to get the whole damned car resprayed. If you aren't worried about the finish, you can at least seal the scratches with a suitable primer, but its not good to look at. Commiserations. Steve