My chisel has a chink in the blade, how do I get it out?

I was wood carving one day to find that my flex cut chisel had a large, crescent shaped chink right out of the blade, it is about 1 centimeter deep and is a real nuisance, I was thinking about going to my local woodcraft store to ask a pro how to do it, but I thought that before I drove out there, I should ask on here, so anyone that knows what they're doing, can they give me an Instructable or tell me how to get it out? I want to start carving again ASAP! Thanks Future Filmaker

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caitlinsdad8 years ago
There's this but it seems you might need to grind down the blade and then temper or heat-treat the blade again if necessary. Good tools are worth saving so go see the pros. Good luck.
jtobako8 years ago
I'm confused. Flex cut, right? Chink = chip ? 1 cm = 3/8 inch? That doesn't leave anything to fix, only replace.
Future filmaker (author)  jtobako8 years ago
Well, Idk how deep the chink is, maybe something like this- Sorry about the confusion, that means that the cut is more like a few millimeters... I'm an American, so I really don't understand metric units all to well. Thanks for replying, what do you think?
You are going to have to grind it back past the chip, slowly so that you don't wreck the hardness of the blade. With something that thin, you might have to support the blade so it doesn't bend as you sharpen it. If you have a grinding wheel, you can go slowly by grind a tiny bit, dip in water, back to grinding. If the metal changes color, you are going to fast and get it cooled off fast! Some people can manage to keep the blade cool by holding a sopping wet rag on it while grinding, but it makes a huge mess that has to be cleaned up before it drys and the next spark sets it on fire. If you have a coarse sharpening stone, it'll take about 10 minutes of back and forth to grind out the chip, then move to a finer stone to replace the bevel and sharpen the chisel. Best bet for metric is not to use it : ) Anyone who needs to translate can, and accuracy is usually more important.
Future filmaker (author)  jtobako8 years ago
And yes, a chink is a chip, as is a dink. I wasn't sure what word would be appropriate, so I just threw them all in, lol...
NachoMahma8 years ago
. A nick a few mm deep could be removed with a file or stone, but, as c'dad mentions, you're going to need to use a grinder and then re-temper. You can use a file or stone, but 1 cm is a big chunk and will take forever.