My computer has wireless that seems to have shut off overnight. Is there a way to get the internet back?

I use Vista Im using a Belkin Wireless adapter My PC used to have wireless and its now stopped and says it only local access. Ive contacted BT(my internet provider) and they claim its the adapter thats faulty I dont have intimate knowledge of vista yet so if the replies, if any, were put in leymans terms.

Sometimes at our school, people accidentally click the 'Disable' button when they right click the wireless icon. This is on XP, I haven't had to fix any of the new Vistas yet but... Is the wireless icon still in the tasktray?
Chicken22098 years ago
Reboot the router and check the connections. I doubt it has anything to do with your computer but more likely the router or the wireless receiver. Doing a network repair can also help. It may not fix the problem but it sometimes can tell you whats wrongs
110100101108 years ago
go to network places or network connections. it should be in the start menu. if you cant find go to my computer and find it in the side panel find your network link right click - disable right click - enable if did not work try also repair and reboot the computer see if there is a usb plug that got out or a failed cable