My computer says that the login failed. How do I fix this?

Okay my computer was working perfectly fine until one day i tried to log in and now all it says is login failed so I can't get into my computer. There is only one user on my computer. (lesson learned always have at least two users) I can get into my account if i use safe mode but not through the normal route. My computer runs windows 7. Please help.

Edit: i found out How to fix this problem and Have posted and instructable on how to fix it. you can find it here -

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Vyger4 years ago
This can get complicated.
If it is what I think it is then it will take a bit to fix it. First some questions though.
When you log in in safe mode is it the same account that you usually use or is it the administrator account (that is the built in one that all Windows computers have)?
Is this a password issue? Do you have a password on the system? Are you using the pro version or the standard version?

Sometimes in Win XP on rare occasions the user account would become corrupt and would require the creation of a new user account. I have not heard of this being a problem in Win 7 but I suppose it could happen just as easily.
You might have to create a new user account and then transfer all your files over to the new user. Its get a little complicated to do it.
Ches Skelington (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Alright first it's the same account, I know the password is correct cause I typed in the wrong password and it said so, I'm using standard version. Really all I need is a way to make a new account that I can use to restore from a backup I made of the first account. I'm just not sure if I can create a new account in safe mode. If I can then do tell.
Yes you can create a new account in safe mode. However that is not your problem. Now that you have clarified the problem, what is happening is that you have something in the start up that is preventing it from running normally. It could be spyware or any number of things.
Go to the run command (start, run) and in the box type in MSCONFIG , does not have to be in caps.
This will open up a special trouble shooting box where you can turn off and prevent from running on startup all programs or selective programs.
Look for the startup tab. You might try disabling all and then starting normally. If it works then you know the problem is in those programs. You can now begin the process of turning them back on a few at a time until it fails to start. Then you can figure out the exact one causing the problem.
Ches Skelington (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Didn't work.
What part didn't work? Creating an account? or disabling the start up items?

Another thing you need to do in addition to the rest is to download a free program called Malwarebytes and run a full scan. 

Start the safe mode you are working in with the option to use networking. This will give you internet ability. Download the program and after it installs update the database to the current and run a full scan. You may have to do several scans before it finds everything.
iceng Vyger4 years ago
So .... How was the situation repaired ??

For anyone else reading this, this is a very good indicator that someone else has been "using" your account. It is a relatively simple matter to assign a new password and login. It is considerably harder to restore the previous password to avoid detection. Mind how you go.

blessinga3 years ago

how to fix ur Toshiba laptop when sunddenly in the background is gone and it says enter the password u enter it then it say its wrong what do I do

bimbobear4 years ago
I have windows 7 and it wont let me log in to my administrative account
Vyger bimbobear4 years ago
You should ask it as a new question. Is your 7 pro or home edition?
The admin account is turned off by default. There are a number of ways to turn it on.
the admin account can go in and reset the password for the locked account
Ches Skelington (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
It is my administrative account my only account.