My dog is obsessed with food how do i stop it???

I have a black Labrador and she is 5 and a bit months old but she is obsessed with food and wont stop wanting it.
she isn't obese and we are walking her and playing with her. we are also feeding her the exact right amount.

Help me


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NachoMahma5 years ago
.  Some dogs are just like that. I have a Pit-mix that isn't all that interested in food unless she is hungry. The Australian Cattle Dog, on the other hand, will eat anything that doesn't eat her first even if she just gorged herself.
.  If she is active and not gaining/losing weight, there's probably nothing wrong - she just likes to eat. If it worries you that much, take her to a veterinarian or other canine health professional for a check up.
.  Dogs, like ppl, have different metabolisms. The amount given on cans/bags of food is only a educated guess. A lot depends on how active your dog is; more active = more food needed. If you are feeding exactly the recommended amount and your dog is very active, she probably IS hungry. Keep track of her weight and start bumping up her rations or giving more treats (healthy treats).
acidbass5 years ago
yeah nacho is right but i would suggest you try feeding her more (i know it sounds crazy) but certain dogs metabolize faster and require more food both of my labs are kind of like that ( one more so than the other) and if you are playing with her than she might be metabolizing even faster. so yeah see what a little extra food can do it worked for me
orksecurity5 years ago
It's a dog. It's obsessed with food. This is almost a cliche.

This is one of the things which makes dogs easier to train than cats. Dogs will ALWAYS be interested in a food bribe. Cats are only interested when they're actually hungry.

Her obsession is her problem. If you respond to it, you're encouraging it. Ignore it, and she will learn that begging is non-productive and stop pestering you.
rickharris5 years ago
Dog are genetically in built to eat as much as they can get (hunters) - feed regular meals once or twice a day, give the recommended amount with MINIMUM treats through the day.

If feeding once a day better in the evening.
NatNoBrains5 years ago
I think all dogs are like that. You've just got to keep feeding it the same amount. Maybe contact a vet or the shop you bought her from to see if she has any special needs (more food, less food etc.)