My grandpa took out my laptops internal hard drive.

we are currently running from xubuntu. does anyone have or know a place to get cheap/free laptop hard drives? it is a toshiba satalite.

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abadfart7 years ago
try newegg thats where i get my hardware
msw1008 years ago
Would need to no what part of the world you come from, but you could try ebay is the hard drive broke or why did he remove it ?
jaxxster1 (author)  msw1008 years ago

the hdd deleted system 32 so he thought it to be faulty and threw it away.

adamsdead8 years ago
2 questions, do you have an operating system disk that you can use to reinstall after you get a hard drive? And What style of hard drive are you wanting to replace? IDE or SATA?
jaxxster1 (author)  adamsdead8 years ago
i have an os but i dont know about IDE or SATA. ill ask