My husband and I are building a kitchen island and would like a blueprint it is 46" x 46" with a 18 "bartop?

The island top is 48 by 48 with the bartop being raised approx 3 inches from the island top, the island will have cupboards and a dishwasher on one side with the backside of the dishwasher being for a drawer bay, and the opposite side of the dishwasher will be cupboards.  there will be nothing on the bar side possible decorative panels that match the doors.  and a rack on the side of the dishwasher for cookbooks.

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frollard8 years ago
Are you after a top to bottom carpentry/cabinet design to figure out all the wood cuts, or are you just wanting some software to assemble a plan for someone else to build?

46 or 48?
Reading a little further into it - do you want the 18 inches as part of the total 46 dimension?  Is 48 the total top dimension?  Bottom dimension?

quick google image search gave lots of ideas, but then you need to decide the exact specifications.
Karenbell (author)  frollard8 years ago
Thanks for responding, We are looking for a software to blue print the cuts, so that it looks professional.  The countertop is 48 inches square with the bevelled edges on three sides and the bar top of 18 inches is a seperate piece that will be raised approx 3 inches above the island on the unfinished side.  I am putting a dishwasher in with a cupboard beside it and drawers on the back part of the cupboard with more cupboard on the 3rd side with nothing on the bar side.  Does that make sense?  We are building it with Birch Plywood 3\4".  I think an overhang of 2 inches on the 3 sides would be good with the 4th side being flush with the island top so it would make it easier to attach the bar top.  Is there a software that we can use to blue print this to make it easier?
Reply part 2:  

Have you tried graph paper?
It's probably not what you want, but there is free IKEA software available.  Problem is it only has their 'stuff' as prefab portions to put together.  It might be good for that.

Same applies to most kitchen design software; it's attached to one retailer's stuff - stuff they want to upsell you on.

Search for 'kitchen design' on and filter results by 'free' or 'free to try' to try a few.
aeray8 years ago
are you looking for software to design this yourself? or are you looking for someone to design it for you? or are you looking for ready-made/drawn plans?