My ipod nano isnt recognized by any of my computers?

I have a second gen ipod nano and it isnt reconginized at all by any of my windows computers. It works normally but when i connect it to a computer it just says device not recognized and that it mulfunctioned. It wont even charge through the computer but it will charge through powered ipod speakers. Can anyone help me get it working?

hackrman8 years ago
This had happened with my iPod nano as well. My dad called Apple care and they helped us solve the problem. It had something to do with the fact that one of the iPods files that it needs to run with itunes was somehow turned off. We had to turn it back on and upload something. Hope this helps. You should call Apple Care.
I have a similar problem with a shuffle. I found that there was only one USB port it would work off, so every time I want to charge it or whatever it malfunctions on one port, is not recognized on another and works on the third one. Is it new or secondhand?