My ipod touch won't restore...


Well, I was trying to fix my syncing problems, so i put it into recovery mode, and hooked it up to the computer. I pressed restore, and I thought it was going to work until it said "preparing ipod to restore" or something like that. And then an unknown error occurred, error 1611. I tried restarting the computer, and i reinstalled iTunes. Nothing is happening or changing. Help please!

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Don't press "Restore" if you don't want to lose data on iPod. This restore is factory restore and everything on your iPod touch will be erased. And you are right to put it into recovery mode. As to its failure, it might because the method is not right. Try this free and safe to enter and exit iPhone recovery mode with one click

cobra456457 years ago
Dude it would just b cheaper to buy a new ipod... well depending on the model u can get a refurbished 8gig touch for $150 on
Seleziona (author)  cobra456457 years ago
I want mine to be fixed. I have a 16 gigabite one, and it's awesome.
MegaMetal87 years ago
have you fixed it yet?
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
I'm getting it fixed by apple.
so you gotta pay $200
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
ya :( Thankfully, my parents are paying half though.
yokozuna7 years ago
Have you tried resetting it?  If that still doesn't fix it, you could try opening it up and pulling the battery.
Seleziona (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
I have to get it fixed by apple.
soeinegaudi7 years ago
sounds stupid, but could you try to do the recovery on some friends pc with an older itunes version ? maybe that will work.... good luck !
Burf7 years ago
Try this:
Disconnect the iPod from the USB cable
Restart your PC
Move the USB cable to a DIFFERENT port
Connect the iPod to the cable
Start iTunes

That may take care of it.
Were you trying to jailbreak it? if so, apple won't help you, you will have to buy a new ipod...
Something like this happenned to my friend, seems to be a recurring problem. Try contacting the apple help.