My ipod touch's home botton isnt working, can you help me?

My ipod touch's home botton just stopped working, it wont do anything. can you help me fix it please? i dont have enough money and i love this thing and want to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
bring it to a local apple store and ask for a refund
EncasedDeath (author)  Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
i cant
1) there isnt a store nearby
2) i have had it about a year
3) i dont think they will give me a refund because i have a scratch or two on my screen
but thanks for helping
then cover it up by saying i got this yesterday and this is how it came in the box. ask the place where u got it
EncasedDeath (author)  Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
true but i dont hav a reciept and i got it on the internet
Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
sell it
EncasedDeath (author)  Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
i dont think i will bc its starting to work and im obbessed and cant go a day without it