My key word is not working and can u help?

When I try to publish my instructable, it says enter keywords. I did! At least 2! What do I do?

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iceng8 months ago

BTW 2!=2 or did you mean 21 in a hurry.

Two factorial equals two.. -.-. . -. --.

iceng8 months ago

It's the Irish WEEKEND, So keep calm, the staff may not get to letting you publish until Monday noon...

I never submit on Friday, Sat or Sunday for a reason...

But in that case the site would not complain about the keywords!?
The site should publish as normal but the Instructable only shows up in the search or category once staff approved as it is his first Ible.

Saw his page earlier.

All he did was replace the staff objected to pictures with a hand drawing and puppet pic.

And now waits for staff approval.. -.-. . -. --.

Kiteman8 months ago

Key, words, need, commas, between, them, like, this.

Downunder35m8 months ago

Did you seperate them with a comma?