My laptop won't connect to our wireless router?but other computers will?

So a few days ago my computer disconnected from our wireless router which im used to this happening so i just let it go i figured it'll connect again just like before...and now a week later it still doesnt connect. So far i have tryed doing a system restore, updated my wireless card drivers, and have done an automatic update from windows. Still doesn't connect to it at all so im lost..any ideas as to what is wrong or what i should do?

im running windows 7
intel i7
and a intel wifi link 5100(i believe thats what it is?)
and if you need more info let me know.

You could try removing your Router's Network from your current list of wireless networks. . Click on your wifi icon near the clock - Open Network and Sharing Center - on the left select Manage Wireless Networks.. select you network and click remove... then try to reconnect. Re-entering your network key etc... What security does your router use (WEP, WPA, WPA2)? Have you added any firewall software to your computer recently? Are you able to connect to other networks? If you have another laptop try setting up an adhoc connection from your Win7 machine... to see if your network card is at least working... go to Manage Wireless Networks again.. Click Add and then select create and ad hoc network... etc...

Your brilliance is still paying off after 4 years and I wanted to pop in to say thank you!!! I've been stressing for days trying to fix this and your message helped me fix it within a matter of moments. Thank you so very much for putting this information out there to help others, you are a gem!!! :) :) :)

Hey thanks so much. This has been bothering me for the longest time. Mahalo

OMG ILY! ive been trying to solve this wifi problem with my other computer for a year now and because of you its fixed! OMG Thank you!! <3

@rocketsurgery i just want to thank you lol, i am connected now :D
tubanator-2.0 (author)  rocketsurgery4 years ago
Ill try that..and it uses a WEP. We added norton anti-virus to the computer with the router but it shouldn't effect anything since others can connect. And ok i'll try that cause i was just gonna try and bridge the connection with a ethernet cable but im out so ill look into that.

My laptop where the password of the Internet box does not appear.. what can i do??

Karacullen244 months ago

I'm having the same issue, only my laptop won't only not connect to the internet, but when I open my network connections it's saying the adapter is not connected. I have no idea what this means. As far as I know, I haven't turned anything off or hit any switches. And yes... the wifi switch on the front of my laptop is on. Please help!

Oh gosh! Can someone please help me?!
My Toshiba laptop isn't connecting to the internet, but everyone else can!
As well as that the internet icon has disappeared!
Please can someone helpp!
rickharris4 years ago
Is the wireless link still working at the router AND the lap top? Have you tested another computer with wireless??
tubanator-2.0 (author)  rickharris4 years ago
Yes every one else's laptop works just fine its only mine that wont connect so i thought it was just the driver but it says mine is up to date when i checked online and using windows update.
The same thing is happening to me.

Just last night, my wifi network completely vanished from this laptop but my mom's laptop has it just fine and normal. As it is, I have to use cable to get internet.

I've restarted the computer, I've searched through the firewalls, and all that. It's still not showing up.
aelias364 years ago
Be more specific, please. What do you mean by "won't connect?" e.g., does the computer not sense the network, have a connection timeout, etc.
tubanator-2.0 (author)  aelias364 years ago
It can sense the network but when i try to connect to it i get an error that says "was unable to connect to (our routers name)"
I had this happening to me when I inserted a wrong password.
It didn't tell me that the password is wrong. Instead it told me that it couldn't establish a connection.
Go into the settings for the network and reinsert the password. Maybe there's a typo.
tubanator-2.0 (author)  Mike734 years ago
Hmm I retyped the password still nothing but after i messed around with it some and figured out its either something with security on the router computer..or how far i am but i was pretty close to it and it still wouldn't connect. cause i was able to connect to a different network.
Sorry if it didn't help. It really sounded like that.
lizzyastro4 years ago
Have you inadvertently turned off wifi on your laptop? That has happened on my netbook before, when someone has flicked the switch on the front without realising the effect.