My monitor automatically gives me a message NO SIGNAL then goes to sleep......

I have an HP desktop, when I power on, I get a message box stating there is no signal and then the monitor goes to sleep mode.... What can I do to fix this please

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Change your cables

Vyger5 years ago
You go through a process of elimination. In other words test things until you find what is not working.
I would start with trying the monitor on a different computer and then trying a different monitor on your computer. That way you know whether its your computer or the monitor. If its the monitor that is dead, you have your answer. If its the cabling or the computer then there are other options for that. Start with the simple and obvious first. I once made a 10 mile trip to someone who could not get their sound working and found out that the speakers had gotten unplugged.
framistan5 years ago
I had this problem when booting a computer. It was caused by not having everything plugged in such as the keyboard and the mouse. The computer stopped booting and then the monitor went to sleep. Just make sure everything is plugged in to the proper spot before powering up.
iceng5 years ago
Reset the monitor to factory settings.

Burf5 years ago
Its either the cable/cable connection or a monitor that's on the fritz/
Make sure the video lead is plugged in from the monitor to the PC.
Also, if you're running a separate video card, make sure the card is seated in the PC motherboard correctly.

loose video cable is most common problem - followed by 'bad' cable or broken connector, subsequently failed monitor or video card.
You may want to try a different video cable. If your PC has more then one DVI/HDMI port then try the cable on those. Try to borrow another monitor. If the new monitor works then the old one is dead.

I had this same problem on an old monitor i had. The monitor was dead and it was time to replace it.