My nerf nightfinders barrel is glued together. How do I get it apart?

I want to do the air restrictor mod for my nerf night finder but the all of the parts of the barrel are glued together. How do i get it apart?

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I just created an Instructable about it:
DBMods (author)  Professor Do-it7 years ago
Thanks so much. Your idea worked great!!!
DBMods (author)  Professor Do-it7 years ago
thanks! (ill rate you best answer if this works) - i know what type of scissors you used but i dont have them do you know if i could use a saw to ware down the barrel
As I mentioned, you could try a nut cracker, but maybe some sort of cement/brick block with an edge may work by rubbing the barrel on it (I haven't tried that, though).
DBMods (author)  Professor Do-it7 years ago
I just found something i could use that would probably work thanks
DBMods (author)  DBMods7 years ago
the thing i thaught might work didnt so i might try the brick thing some time
billybenj7 years ago
i hear pipecutters are the best way to do it.
DBMods (author)  billybenj7 years ago
how would you use them to open up the nitefinder barrel
well i've never owned any or used them but i would assume just cut around where the glue is..
EvlPwnda7 years ago
nail polish remover works on some glues....
DBMods (author)  EvlPwnda7 years ago
ill probably try that if professor do-it's idea doesnt work
orksecurity7 years ago
You could try boiling water -- the glue _might_ melt before the plastic. Or might not. And the gun's other parts might or might not survive that treatment. But I've seen it used, many years ago, to soften polystyrene cement so model kits that were glued incorrectly could be taken apart and fixed...
DBMods (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
i dont want to risk it i just got my nightfinder 2 days ago and besides, what would my parents think if i asked them to boil my nerf gun
DJ Radio7 years ago
extreme force or glue solvent.
DBMods (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Im just a kid so im not that strong and i dont have any glue solvent which i heard didnt work