My parabolic microphone is picking up radio stations. What did I do wrong?

I built a parabolic microphone using spare parts. (One stainless steel wok, one dowel rod, one lapel microphone, one snair drum stand, and some scrap metle. Along with some shrink tubing and an old broke toy now blocking the back end of the microphone. 

I grabbled an as seen on TV 'Listen Up' personal amp. I removed the microphone built in and replaced it with a 1/8 jack. When I connect it to the parabolic microphone instead of amping the sound it picks up RF radio stations. An easy listening R&B station to be exact. How do I fix that or can it be fixed?

Your problem is that your amplifier is picking up RF. The simplest and cheapest answer is to run wrap the wire from the mic through a ferrite bead a couple of times.

lncognito (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
 Thanks. I did just that and stole a couple ferrite beads from an old Nintendo and it did the trick. Thanks!
baneat7 years ago
Woah so that's what those things on the end of N64 controllers and USB cables are!