My phone won't take the format that my videos in. any suggestions?

I tried importing some video into my phone through a memory card, but It wouldn't accept the format. any suggestions?

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sound918 years ago
Find out the formats, and my favorite video converter is called "Free Video Converter". Very easy to use. Go to google and look it up, then download the free version. Not the new trial version because it leaves a water mark. The free version does a great job, and it can do a bunch of different formats.
xadevox (author)  sound918 years ago
my phone only supports 3gp format, and the free video converter doesnt do that format. any other suggestions?
sound91 xadevox8 years ago
Sorry, I don't have any except look up a free converter for it on google or something. I used to have a converter that could do a lot more formats including a 3gp format, but I lost that converter.
Look for other converters. If one doesn't exist, well... you may have to pay money for software, or change phones.
orksecurity8 years ago
Best suggestion I've got: Find out what formats the phone can display, and see if you can find software to "transcode" your video file into one of those formats.