My push behind BS lawn mower is pouring out oil.?

When I start my mower there is oil coming out of a silver tube like thing underneath by the engine. It has no umph.. It starts but almost no power to it.

rickharris6 years ago
Photograph please - crystal ball on the blink.
Vyger6 years ago
I am not sure what the "silver tube like thing" is but if its the oil filler tube, where you put the oil in and now the cap is missing then yes you will get a lot of oil coming out of it. I caught mine on a low branch once and pulled it off and I had oil go everywhere. The worse thing was I ran over it when I pulled the mower out of the tree branches. That ended that days mowing.
lemonie6 years ago
Did anyone's "hand slip" when putting oil into the engine (i.e. too much oil)?

Is it your muffler? If it is what it could be is the mower has been tipped to one side and oil has went into the muffler and when you start it will smoke like the dickens. Just get the mower started andlet it run a bit till it stops smoking. If its not the muffler I would have to see a pic to know what part your talking about.

Also you need to check the oil level to make sure you have enough in there or you could blow up your motor.