My spark plug is smoking, what should I do?

Earlier today I went mudding in my golfcart. After a while I felt the engine beneath my seat get really hot. So I opened the hood and my spark plug was smoking. What could this mean? And how should I fix this?

frollard8 years ago
Take away its cigarettes. ...hmmm I've never heard of that. Perhaps its loose and letting exhaust gasses escape? were you running the engine too hard? Is the engine air-cooled? perhaps it just overheated. Remove and inspect the spark plug for damage, corrosion, and make sure the ceramic is not chipped.
nice lol Take away its cigarettes thats awesome
thats how you stop something smoking... :D
NachoMahma8 years ago
. That was probably steam. Could be some oil. Dry/clean everything off and try again.