My timing belt broke recently, i replaced the belt, replaced the valves checked the pistons and all in good order.

With all that in order the car does not start and makes a weird sound like a vacuum cleaner , so no compression. What can be the problem and can this be restored ? Please help. Polo Playa 1.4, 2001 model

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dagai (author) 8 months ago
Hi there. I have a Polo playa, 1.4. So it doesn't have rockers

You are off 360 degrees.

The crank turns 2 times for every turn of the cam.

Put the crank and the cam on their timing marks.

Remove the timing belt and rotate the cam 360 degrees.

Then put the timing belt back on.

dagai (author)  Josehf Murchison8 months ago
Hi guys, thank you. All the info was helpfull but now i have another problem. Whem the car starts something is making a tapping, clicking noise, and when i speed up the noise is also tapping faster and the car is jerking while driving with no enjin power when going uphill. Can this be the distributor?

More likely a rocker arm is out of adjustment.

Use a mechanics stethoscope to find the origin of the tapping to be sure.

steveastrouk9 months ago

Put the timing locking pins in when you did the belt ?

dagai (author)  steveastrouk9 months ago
Where is the timing locking pins situated on a poli playa 1.4. Dont think there were any when we removed the timing belt from its pulley

Google "VW Polo timing marks" then click on "Images" the pictures will show you where the timing marks are and how to line them up.

You have to manually lock them - there are dedicated tools for this (or you make one up).
Without locking the cam(s) and all sprockets in the right position you have no real chance of ever getting the timing right.
If done correctly the engine will just fire up and smooth as it should.

just watched a video on youtube (just searched for polo playa 1.4 timing belt) and it came up with the video. Looks like there was time taken to make sure that the engine was at top dead centre and the pulleys were marked so they would stay in the same postion. Maybe watch the video and you'll see something you missed It sounds like the timing got messed up and hopefully the valves haven't contacted the pistons again.