My venitian blinds beaded turn cord broke, anyone know how I can fix it?

 I had my Venitian Blinds closed and i pulled the beaded cord to open them to just let in a little light and it just kept pulling and wouldn't open. I'm thinking it just came off track inside or something. I can only open them fully by pulling them and have to push them as i pull them back so they don't get stuck on the top that holds the blind on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re-design8 years ago
There is a gear attached to the pulley that turns when you pull the beaded cord.  Either that gear is broken/worn so that it doesn't turn the blinds anymore or the axle has jumped out of the bearing at the back somehow.  Anyway that gear isn't working anymore.  Or you may be right and the cord has just "jumped the track" and if so you can probably replace it.

There is a chance that if you take the blinds down and open up the box it will be clear what is wrong and you may be able to fix it.   IF it is broken beyond repair, remove the gear and you can still manually work the blinds.

If you open it up and can't figure it out, take a picture and post it here so we can see better the problem.

DaMommy (author) 8 years ago
Thank you all....i will try and take it apart next time this weekend and i will update all! You guys are awesome!
Z.. DaMommy8 years ago
Based on Re-designs advice, and some online research I have isolated the little gizmo that is the, turning device. I have taken off the wand (in my case), and am presently negotiating with the darned gizmo to remove it from,--from it's location.

It can be removed and a new one refitted. I intend to conquer this, because it will enable me to fix other blinds. This dratted thing is the 'weak spot' in the design of venetian blinds! I have another blind that also won't open. The rod just turns in the coupling making a clicking noise!

I'm writing this because you can achieve a temporary solution. Whilst at the pelmet area, I gently pulled on the cord that is nearest to the gizmo thingy.(The cord that weaves through the blind is the one I'm referring to. Pull on the side that faces into the room). The blind finally opened;-for the first time in three years !! (Redecorating the dinette meant that I finally turned my attention to the venetian blind!).

You need to do this>gently<at the top of the blind. Do the opposite side to close. Pull gently on the cord opposite (nearest to the window glass), and the blind will close.

Now back to the cause of all this trouble....
Z..8 years ago
Watching closely;-I have the same problem.

(Don't ask for pictures, my grasp of computers/printers is at the level of just switching the damned things on!)
V-Man7378 years ago
Don't yank on that cord so harshly. It's more delicate than you'd think.To lengthen the life of your blinds, support the blinds themselves withone hand while you use the other to pull gently on the cord.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
take it apart, take pictures