My wii remotes aren't working!

When I aim at the screen, the arrow goes wacko and it's really hard to choose the perfect angle to click on things.  Any ideas?

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Check the sensor bar. Make sure its plugged in all the way and nothing is between the wii mote and the bar that can block the light. If your TV is near a window and the sun is shinning is then block the light. The wii mote does have a tendency to pick up the IR light the sun gives off. May times i've pointed my wii mote out the window and aimed for a Netflix movie and selected it. Try to rule out any other IR sources between the wii mote and the TV.
AustinL975 years ago
Also, there is a setting you can change on the Wii for then sensor bar to be above or below the TV. You might also want to try that.
iceng5 years ago
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Vyger5 years ago
New batteries maybe ?
ChrysN5 years ago